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Fine Chemical Industry 

Fine chemicals is one of the most dynamic emerging areas in the chemical industry today. Is an important part of new materials. Its industry sectors include pharmaceuticals, pesticides, dyes, coatings, pigments, reagents, adhesives, water treatment agents and catalysts, additives and more than 40 industries and categories, can be described as related to human life. Vigorously developing fine chemicals has become a strategic focus for countries in the world to adjust the structure of the chemical industry, enhance the energy industry level of the chemical industry, and expand economic efficiency. The development of fine chemicals provides guarantees for the development of high technologies such as biotechnology, information technology, new materials, new energy technologies, and environmental protection. At present, during the booming period of the fine chemical industry, the requirements for control valves are getting higher and higher, and the application conditions are becoming more and more complicated, which are valued by various control valve manufacturers.

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