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Nuclear balance valve

Product description

Form    style

Nuclear balance valve

Nominal diameter

DN15~DN450 (1/2~18)

Nominal pressure

PN10, 16,25,40,50, 64,100, 110, 150, 250, 320, 420

ANSI Class 150,300,600, 900, 1500, 2000, 2500

Valve and bonnet material

WCB,CF8, CF8M, CF3, CF3M, WC1, WC6, WC9, LCB, LCC , LC3, Hastelloy C, etc.

Internal material

304,304+Stellite,316L, 316L+Stellite ,2205,ha C, etc.

Fill    Material

V-type PTFE; flexible graphite;

Traffic Features



Hard seal: IV, V

Connection method

Flange type (RF, MFM, RJ)

  • Overview 
  • The balance valve is a special function valve, which talks with the special intelligent instrument man-machine to change the opening degree of the valve to achieve the adjustment of the system hydraulic balance.
  • The balance valve has the advantages of small size, simple structure, convenient use and energy saving. Therefore, it is widely used in heating (cold) and air-conditioning waterway network management systems to achieve hydraulic balance adjustment.
  • Working principle: There are 2 instrument debugging joints on the valve body of the balancing valve. The connecting hose is connected with the special intelligent instrument during commissioning. The meter displays the flow value and pressure drop value flowing through the valve. After inputting the flow rate value required by the balance valve to the meter after talking with the instrument man-machine, the meter calculates, analyzes and concludes that the pipeline system reaches the hydraulic balance. The opening value of the valve. The stroke is changed by the hand wheel, and the flow resistance of the fluid flowing through the valve is changed, thereby achieving the purpose of flow quantification.
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