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High-quality valve body for the safety escort

As one of the pressure control equipment for flow control pipelines, the quality of valve body castings is the most important for valve life and personnel and environmental safety, especially in the field of high temperature and high pressure conditions. Therefore, valve castings are always the first accredited material for critical customers to prequalify before approving the valve manufacturer as a qualified supplier.

In order to control the quality of products from the source, Yongsheng has wholly established a casting base: a sand casting casting base using resin sand casting technology and a precision casting casting base using dewaxing precision casting technology. And equipped with a dedicated testing facilities: spectrum analyzers, nondestructive testing equipment, mechanical performance testing equipment. Can guarantee the entire process of valve production, thus ensuring the final product quality, delivery time, and competitive prices.


Sand casting base

The introduction of advanced technology production of electrical and electronic components, resin sand mixer using advanced PLC programmable logic controller automatic control, the operation of the equipment set up a reliable interlock protection system, so that the entire line of equipment operation, monitoring is simple, sufficient protection and control.



The cast workpiece has a high degree of compactness, the casting surface is smooth, the edges and corners are clear, and the dimensional accuracy is high, which reduces the thermal shock deformation of the mold (such as bulging sand, etc.).
The sand has a good collapsibility and is easy to clean and sand, thereby reducing the damage to the shape accuracy of the casting in the finishing operation of the falling sand shovel.
Low organic mold, good thermal stability, good air permeability, can greatly reduce the casting of sand casting, sand inclusion, sand hole, porosity, shrinkage holes, cracks and other casting defects, thereby reducing the scrap rate, improve the quality of castings, can be manufactured Clay sand difficult to make complex parts, key parts.
The recovery rate of old sand is high, and it can reach 90-95% regeneration recovery rate. It has significant effects in saving new sand, reducing transportation, and preventing pollution from waste.


Precision casting casting base

Has a very complete investment casting production equipment, machining equipment and advanced physical and chemical analysis, testing equipment, to meet the different levels of customer demand for product requirements and physical and chemical properties, non-destructive testing of the full range of requirements.



The casting has high dimensional accuracy and good surface finish, which can eliminate or reduce mechanical processing and save materials and processing costs.
It can produce parts with complex shapes, eliminating the need for assembly or welding work, with good dimensional accuracy.
The materials are not limited, and various alloy materials can be configured according to the requirements of customers in each country.
Casting has high production efficiency, good repeatability, and easy mass production.