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Fluorinated ball valve

Product description

Shape    style

Fluorine-lined ball valve

Nominal diameter


Nominal pressure

PN10, 16
ANSI Class 150

Body material

WCB+F46 or PFA, CF8+F46 or PFA

Core material

20+F46 or PFA, 304+F46 or PFA

Fill in    material


Rotation angle



Soft seal: VI level

Connection method

Flange type

ZSHOF series "O” type lining fluorine cut ball valve is a full-bore ball valve structure. Using special molding process, the inner wall of the valve body and the core are lined with fluoroplastic, which can resist the corrosion of strong acid and strong alkali medium. It is mainly used to cut off or connect the corrosive medium in the pipeline, and can be used for fluid regulation and control; sphere and The valve stem integrated design eliminates the difference of the rotation angle; the metal limit structure of the joint of the main and auxiliary valve bodies, the connection between the valve body and the stuffing box, makes the seat seal ring reasonably pre-tightened and limited, and maintains the torque stability; High performance dual piston rack and pinion structure, high transmission efficiency, compact structure or electronic electric actuator.

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